Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

The BIA test is a test that measures the amount of lean tissue to fat tissue in a persons body. It takes this reading by sending an electrical impulse through the body and sending back a reading of the persons body composition. Taking a BIA test is very important because having a high percentage of fat in the body can lead to many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

Evaluation Criterion

Out of the 21 students that were assessed the results were as follows :

Healthy- 12 students

Fit- 4 students

Needs Improvement -5 students

Preparation for Assessment

Before administering a BIA test the candidates need to follow a few guidelines in order to get the most accurate reading possible. First, the participant should not have anything to eat or drink prior to taking the test. The candidate should also not exercise before the test, as the factors could cause the device to not give an accurate reading. Other factors such as medication or drinking alcohol prior to taking the test could also skew the results.

How to Improve your Body composition

The most effective way to improve a persons body composition is by eating a healthy diet. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables along with lean protein and whole grains is the best way to lower ones body fat percentage. Eating a healthy well balanced diet and incorporating both aerobic and anaerobic exercise will help to get a person into a healthy body composition range.

Test Validity

The type of device that was used in this assessment is a fairly valid apparatus. This type of BIA machine is not 100 % accurate, but for our purposes it gives us an accuarte enough result to be able to work off of

Test Reliability

This BIA test is a much more reliable test then it is valid. The reson why it is a very relaible test is due to the fact that when re-testing it will provide a very accurate measure of student improvment from pre test to post test

Class Performance as a Whole

Overall, the class as a whole performed very well. Infact, over 75 % of the class either fell in the healthy or fit range. These results are very good and not typical for a population. You have to remember the group that was tested were physical education and health majors. Testig other populations would not yield these type of results. By gender, all the male participants scored either in the healthy or fit range. All the candidates that scored in the needs improvement range were female.

Mean Score- 21.9

Range- 7.8 to 34.2

Standard Deviation- 8

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Administering the BIA test

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